Solidarity Gathering – The Call for Change


Date: Friday, January 18 2013

Time: 6:00pm

Venue: TBC, London

India mourns the passing away of its brave daughter on 29th December. We, in addition to many around the world, are deeply saddened by her untimely death and would like to offer our deepest condolences to her family and friends. Moreover, we utterly condemn the six rapists who are responsible for her death and for committing such callous and sickening crimes against her. We hope that they will receive the appropriate punishment from India’s judicial system so that the victim and her family get the justice which they rightfully deserve!

On Friday 18th January 2013, there will be a Solidarity Gathering where each of us will light a candle and pay homage to India’s brave daughter. Lighting of the candles is not only a way of showing respect to her and her family but also will signify the change we want to see in 2013! A light to bring a positive change to our society, legal system and education… NISU will be there. Will you?

India has been an independent nation for over 65 years. Yet it still has a long way to go before achieving a society that is wholly just and equal towards its people. India needs to transform into a country where women are honoured and treated with the utmost respect. Women should not be treated as objects or subjected to medieval stereotypes of how they must dress and look and be restricted in when they venture outside their houses.

The NISU would like to stress that this event is NOT A POLITICAL PROTEST in any way, shape or form. It is instead an opportunity for anyone who wants to pay their tributes and respects to the victim and to her family! Moreover, we hope it will send a silent message to India that we are keen to witness social changes where women are better protected so that such horrific incidents do not happen again. That together we stand, and for the successful future of a country we have to work together with each other to bring about a change in the mind-sets of the Indian society.

Mr Virenda Sharma, who is the MP for Ealing and Southall will be joining us as a guest and will also be lighting one of the candles.

We hope that you will solemnly join us!

Best Regards,
The National Indian Students Union UK


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